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Since ancient times, rain barrels and other containers have been used to collect rainwater. This water was then used in periods of drought and as an alternate water source. Many cultures have used captured rain water.
Today, rain barrels are gaining popularity and are becoming more common in North America. With the exception of replacing chemical pesticides and fertilizers with natural alternatives, installing a rain barrel is perhaps the best step toward 'greener gardening' you can make.

Benefits of Rain Barrels
  • Free rainwater = lower water bills 
  • Reduce energy used by municipalities to treat and pump potable water and sewage 
  • Soft, chlorine-free water for greener gardens 
  • Help direct water away from foundations 
  • Reduce storm run-off into local creeks and lakes 
  • Watering plants with luke-warm water reduces shock on the plant 
  • Conserve water during hot, dry summer months 
  • Fine-meshed screens prevent mosquito population growth and capture debris