functional charm

Here are a couple of rain barrels I set up for a customer, they were set up on opposite sides of the house. The a.b.s pipe coming out of the back of the barrels is the overflow which with different fittings can be led to run off where you choose, including another barrel. There is also a second tap at the bottom of the barrel around the side, this is to get the water below the front tap but also to drain the barrel before winter.(barrels must be drained before winter). 

It rained most of that day and by the time I left both barrels were nearly full.

Here are some photos of rain barrels using the new diverter system. 

 This rain barrel I set up in front of the old barrel house.  I used a large section of a tree trunk as a base for the barrel. On this barrel I used a decoritive hose bib with a bunny rabbit on/off handle. I also decorated the water inlet hose with artificial flowers to make it blend in with the surroundings.



Here is another rain barrel that was set up on the front porch of a house.



This is another rain barrel that I set up for a customer, they happened to have a good size piece of flag stone that fit nicely under the barrel.